Lovell, Robert; Compleat History Of Animals and Minerals, and Universal History Of Mineralls Containing the summe of all Authors.. 1661

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Lovell, Robert; ΠΑΝΖΩΟΡΥΚΤΟΛΟΓΙΑ. Sive Panzoologicomineralogia. Or a Compleat History Of Animals and Minerals, Containing the Summe of all Authors, both Ancient and Modern, Galenicall and Chymicall, touching Animals, Viz. Beasts, Birds, Fishes, Serpents, Insects, and Man, as to their Place, Meat, Name, Temperature, Vertues, Used in Meat and Medicine, Description, Kinds, Generation, Sympathie, Antipathie, Dieseases, Cures, Hurts, and Remedies &c. With the Anatomy of Man, the Diseases, with their Definitions, Causes, Signes, Cures, Remedies: and use of the London Dispensatory, with the Doses and Formes of all kinds of Remedies: also a History of Minerals, viz. Earths, Mettals, Semi-mettals, their Naturall and Artificiall excrements, Salts, Sulphurs, and Stones, with their Place, Matter, Names, Kinds, Temperature, Vertues, Use, Choice, Dose, Danger and Antidotes. Also an Introduction to Zoography and Mineralogy. Index of Latine Names, with their English Names. Universall Index of the Use and Vertues.  Oxford, Printed by Aen: Hall, for Jos:Goodwan. 1661. bound together with ΠΑΝΟΡΥΚΤΟΛΙΑ. Sive Pammineralogicon. Or An Universal History Of Mineralls Containing the summe of all Authors, both Ancient and Moderne, Galenical and Chymical, touching Earths, Mettals, Semimettals, with their natural and artificial excrements, Salts, Sulphurs, and Stones, more pretious and lesse pretious &c. Shewing their Place, Matter, Names, Kinds, Temperature, Vertues, Choice, Use, Dose, Danger, and Antidotes. Oxford, | Printed by W. Hall, for Joseph Godwin, 1661. Octavo, pp. 96, 519, 2nd title, pp. 152.
The work is complete and bound in a contemporary full brown calf with raised spine bands. The binding is tight, boards and spine with heavy wear and rubbing, titles perished. End sheets browned, lacking paste downs which appear to have never been applied. Text with age toning which is common for the work. Over all in good condition.
Robert Lovell (1630? - 1690) was an English naturalist. He studied mineralogy, zoology and botany at Christ Church, Oxford where he received an MA. It was while he was still in residence At Oxford that he  had “Sive Pannzoologicomineralogia” and  “Sive Pammmineralogieon” published. The two works were published and bound together at the same time. 
His two works which are found bound together form a 17th century natural history encyclopedia. The first work contains a history of animals and minerals. The second volume pertains to minerals. The two works are the earliest on minerals by an English author. The descriptions of minerals are taken from 250 authors with the part of the work on semiprecious and precious stones being extensive.
The text on the mineralogical part of the work is in four sections with the individual species of minerals listed alphabetically. The first section is Geologia and describes the Earths including chalk, clay, the metals, and semi-metals. Part 2 is Halolgia and describes salts. The third section is Theiologia including sulphurs in which are included amber, arsenic, asphalt and brimstone. The fourth section is Lithologia and describes precious stones and semiprecious stone. Included are agates, amethyst, beryl, bezoar stone, ruby, sapphire, topaz, alabaster, lapis lazuli, bloodstone etc.