Bell, Fred G.; Geological Hazards: Their Assessment, Avoidance and Mitigation. Hardback, 1999.

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Bell, Fred G.; Geological Hazards: Their Assessment, Avoidance and Mitigation. 1st edition, hardback, Taylor & Francis, London & New York, 1999. Large octavo, pp. viii, 648, over 100 b/w illustrations and table. 

This scholarly work is in the original hard binding and is in as new or fine condition.

Bell presents a detailed and up to date survey of natural and man-made geological hazards, how to assess them, and evaluating and combating these hazards and their cost to society. The chapters cover volcanic activity, earthquakes, mass movement or debris flows, soil creep and avalanches, certain types of problem soils, river and marine hazards, soil erosion and desertification, contaminated soils and groundwaters, land subsidence and abandoned mine workings.