Rare Mining Book by Johann Gottfried Jugel; Geometria subterranea oder untererdische Messkunst der Berg- und Grubengebäude, insgemein die markscheidekunst genannt, Leipzig 1773

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Jugel, Johann Gottfried; Geometria Subterranea oder Untererdische Messkunst der Berg- und Grubengebäude, Insgemein die Markscheidekunst Genannt..... Leipzig, 1773. Quarto, pp. 10, 572, 20 pages register, 7 folded engraved plates.

This very rare work is complete and in a modern full calf with gilt titles, six gilt spine panels and ruled borders. The binding is tight and very clean. Much of the text remains uncut.  Light soiling to title page and first pages and light marginal  damp stain to last pages. Over all in very good condition.


Jugel ( 1707-1786) was a German chemist and alchemist who was a strong proponent of alchemy. In 1742 he was appointed the director of mining activities in Prussia. He gathered a considerable reputation for his knowledge of the world of science and nature, especially chemistry, mineralogy, mining, and iron making. All his life had been devoted to the investigation of nature, and in his books and papers he  recorded his views in the mathematical, mining, and occult sciences. On account of his reputed knowledge of chemistry, he became a member of the Rosicrucian Society. Many of his books considered the various aspects of mining, metallurgy, mineralogy and ore deposits. His work Geometria Subterranea is very rare with few recorded copies. In it, Jugel describes his methodology used in underground surveying in mines, the use of the dowsing rod in surveying mines and in locating mineral deposits  and those areas in mines where water will be  encountered.