Trilobites: Luo Huilin, Jiang Zhiwen, Tang Liangdong; Stratotype Section for Lower Cambrian Stages in China. and PENG Shanchi, Lorin E. Babcock, & ZHU Maoyan; Cambrian System of China and Korea. Guide to Field Excursions.

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Luo Huilin, Jiang Zhiwen, Tang Liangdong; Stratotype Section for Lower Cambrian Stages in China. Yunnan Science & Technology Press, Kumming, China, 1994.  Quarto, pp. 183, 40 plates, text figures. & PENG Shanchi, Lorin E. Babcock, & ZHU Maoyan; Cambrian System of China and Korea. Guide to Field Excursions. University of Science & Technology of China Press, Hefei, 2005. Quarto, pp. 300, numerous plates, maps, figures.
Both works are complete and in the original title wraps. Bindings, text and plates are in near fine condition. The first work is in Chinese with English summations and English table of contents. The second work is in English.
The first work is an excellent review of the stratigraphy, lithofacies, paleogeography and biota of the Early Cambrian in China. 
The second work contains contributions from the 4th International Conference on the Cambrian System, held in Nanjing, China in August 2005. Eight field excursions to classic Cambrian localities in China and South Korea were organized as part of the meeting and the volume contains guides to the field areas visited. The twenty-two papers in this volume cover excursions to: Eastern Yunnan, South China, Eastern and Northern Guizhou, South China, Northwestern Hunan, South China, Eastern Yangtze Gorges Region, Hubei, South China, Southern and Eastern-Central Shaani, China, Western Zhejiang and Southern Anhui, South China, Western Shandong, North China and Taebaeksan, Korea. The papers cover the stratigraphy, fossil biota, and paleogeography of the regions visited. Many of the papers cover the Cambrian fossils.