Seven Rare Works on the New England Earthquakes of 1727 and 1755.

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A Group of Seven Very Rare Works on the 1727 New England Earthquake and 1755 New England Earthquake. 

After the Boston earthquakes of 1727 and 1755 numerous sermons by Puritan ministers explained the earthquakes as God’s manifestation. The seven rare Pre-American Revolution printings offered contain eyewitness descriptions of the earthquakes and the resulting damage. The pamphlets were often published within a week of the earthquake addressed in the sermon. The 1755 Boston  earthquake occurred shortly after the Famous Madrid earthquake. ?The idea that earthquakes were a divine manifestation from God was the accepted view until challenged by the distinguished Harvard mathematician, physicist and astronomer John Winthrop (1714-1779) who proposed a scientific theory for the Madrid earthquake.


The group of rare pamphlets offered consist of:

1. Cotton, John; A Holy Fear of God, and his Judgments, Exhorted To: in a Sermon Preached at New, November 3, 1727. On a Day of Fasting and Prayer, Occasioned by the Terrible Earthquake that Shock New England on the Lord-Day Night Before. Boston, 1727. Octavo, pp. xvi, 24, appendix, 2, 5 page description of earthquake by John Brown. In archival wrap with typed title, text is toned, title page with half of title replaced with expert facsimile, short archival restoration to a couple of page margins.

2. Prince, Thomas; Two Sermons on Psal.XVIII 7. At the Particular Fast in Boston, Nov. 2, and the General Thanksgiving Nov. 9, Occasioned by the Late Dreadful Earthquake... 2nd edition, Boston in New England, 1727. Octavo, pp. 37, 4 page appendix. In archival wrap, text is toned,light damp stain to lower part of appendix.

3. Foxcroft, Thomas; The Voice of the Lord from the Deep Places of the Earth. A Sermon Preached on the Thursday-Lecture in Boston, in the Audience of the General Court, at the Opening of the Sessions, Nov. 23, 1727. Three Weeks after the Earthquake. Boston in New England, 1727. Octavo, pp. 52. In archival wrap. Light toning to text.

4. Rogers, John; The Nature and Necessity of Repentance with the Means and Motives to it. A Discourse Occasioned by the Earthquake. Boston, 1728. Octavo, pp. 78. In archival wrap. Light toning to text, light archival repair to outer edge of a few pages, outside of text.

5. Williams, Eliphalet; A Discourse Delivered at East-Hartford, November 23, 1755. The Next Sabbath after the Late Terrible Earthquake. New-London, New England, 1756. Octavo, pp. 71. In archival wrap. Light toning to text.

6. Foxcroft, Thomas; The Earthquake, a Divine Bisitation. A Sermon Preached to the Old Church in Boston, January 8, 1756. Being a Day of Public Humiliation and Prayer, throughout the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England: Upon Occasion of the Repeated Shock of an Earthquake on this Continent, and the Very Destructive Earthquakes and Innudations in diverse parts of Europe, all in the Month of November last. Boston, 1756.pp. 51. In archival wrap. Light toning to text, archival repair to outer margin of half title.

7. Prentice, Thomas; Observations Moral and Religious, on the Late Terrible Night of the Earthquake. A Sermon Preached at the Thursday Lecture in Boston, January 1st, 1756. Boston, 1756. Octavo, pp. 24. In archival wrap. Light to moderate toning to text.