Rare Paleontology book, Thomas Huxley, Fossil Vertebrata from the Jarrow Colliery

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Huxley, Thomas H. & Wright E. Perceval; On a Collection of Fossil Vertebrata from the Jarrow Colliery, County of Kilkenny, Ireland. Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 1867. Quarto, pp. 19, five plates (some folded).

The work is complete and in a modern cloth and marble board archival binding. The binding is tight and clean, the text is very clean. Inscribed notation tipped in from Wright to Agassiz. In very good condition.


Huxley (1825-1895); an English naturalist and paleontologist is noted for his major contributions to vertebrate paleontology and the advancement of Darwin's theories of evolution. His detailed studies of the Archaeopteryx and emphasis of the fossils "transitional features" only strengthened his belief in evolution and led to his proposal that birds had evolved from dinosaurs. This was a belief that did not sit well with his opponent Owen and the two became bitter enemies. Wright (1834-1910) was an Irish zoologist and antiquarian at Dublin University. He made several contributions to paleontology in Ireland. The two authors collaborated on this work which details the discovery of beautifully preserved fossil fish specimens from the Jarrow Colliery which lies within the Leinster Coal District. Huxley provides a systematic and beautifully illustrated description of the fossil Labyrinthodont Amphibia. He proposes seven new generic and specific forms. The above work is quite scarce.