Rare Mining Book: Jameson, Robert; Rough Notes of a Trip to the Transvaal Gold Fields. 1886.

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Jameson, Robert; Rough Notes of a Trip to the Transvaal Gold Fields. Reprinted from the Natal Mercury, August, 1886. Quarto, pp. 19 of text in double column, 3 of ads.

The work is complete and in a modern archival folder. The folder is clean and fine. The text is lightly toned and brittle due to the poor quality of the paper. Each page is in an archival sleeve with borders of some pages having been repaired with archival tape, and inner gutter of all pages repaired. In good condition.


Born in Scotland, Jameson (1832-1908) immigrated to South Africa in 1856 and settled in Durban. In 1859 he started his own company, “ Jameson’s Jam”, manufacturing condiments, preserves etc. which were known throughout South Africa and which were even exported to Canada and Australia. the business was started in his private house. In 1868, As a Councillor in Durban, he suggested tree planting in the streets of Durban as well as parks. Several parks still bear testimony to his forethought and contributions. He had been associated with the Town Council for over 30 years, mainly as a Councillor, and finally as a Mayor from 1895 to 1897. For a period of 10 years, he served as an officer in the Durban Mounted Rifles and was awarded a Zulu War Medal. When news of the rich gold strike at Moodies near Barberton reached Durban in 1884, Jameson and a Mr. Penningsfield formed the Moodies Gold Mining and Exploration Company and trekked to the new gold fields. In 1886 he published a piece in the Natal Mercury newspaper titled “Rough Notes of a Trip to the Transvaal Gold Fields” describing the trip through the Transvaal and its gold fields. In addition Jameson had reprints published for friends and also had some made available for the public. Those extra printings were placed in two hotels he owned. Tipped into our copy of “Rough Notes” is a penned note reading: “Transvaal + Gold + Fields” Mr. R. L. Jameson, Proprietor of the Royal and Alexandra Hotels, Durban, Natal, begs to forward this copy of reliable Notes of a Trip to the Transvaal Gold Fields. He would call special attention to the fact that the Natal route to the gold fields is the speediest, most comfortable, and most economical.” Copies of this piece of mining history are very rare.