Rare Mineralogy Map: Heddle, M. Forster; Geological and Mineralogical Map of Sutherland, 1882.

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Heddle, M. Forster; Geological and Mineralogical Map of Sutherland... to Accompany his Papers on the Geognosy of Sutherland. Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Mineralogical Magazine & Jr., Vol IV, No. 20, 1882. Large folded linen backed colored map, (40 x 33 inches)

The map is in the original wine colored folded case with gilt cover titles and black ruled borders. The map is in excellent condition, case is in very good condition with owner’s book plate on inside cover and adhesion mark from old card pocket on rear. In very good condition. Rare in original stand alone case.


Heddle (1828-1897) ; a Scottish chemist and mineralogist, was considered the authority on the minerals and mineral localities in Scotland. He formed one of the finest mineral collections by means of personal exploration in almost every part of Scotland. Hand his mineral collection is now in the Royal Scottish Museum at Edinburgh. Heddle published a series of papers for the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland which detailed the mineralogy of the region of Sutherland in the northern part of Scotland. When the papers were completed he produced a highly detailed separate map to accompany those papers. The map is in fifteen colors, shows the topographic features, geological structures and features including known faults, mineral localities,  towns, roads railroads, anchorages, etc.