Rare Mineralogy Journal: Freiesleben, Johann Carl, editor; Magazin für die Oryktographie von Sachsen. 1828-1836.

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Freiesleben, Johann Carl; Magazin für die Oryktographie von Sachsen. Ein Beytrag zur mineralogischen Kenntniß dieses Landes und zur Geschichte seiner Mineralien. In freyen Heften herausgegeben von Johann Carl Freiesleben. Freyberg, bey Craz und Gerlach. 1828-1836 and supplement for 1843. Our set consist of:?1. Vol. 1, erster heft, 1828. pp. xvi, 160.?2. Vol. 2, zweiter heft, 1828. pp. 233, 3.?3. Vol. 3, dritter hrft, 1829. pp. 202.?4. Supplement. 1843. pp. 108.?5. Vol. 5, funfter heft. 1831, pp. pp. 220.?6. Vol. 6, sechster heft, 1834, pp. 125. ?7. Vol. 7, siebenter heft, 1836, pp. 314.

This is an incomplete run. The issues are bound in three volumes, two in later calf with gilt titles, one in earlier calf over marbled boards with gilt titles. Bindings are tight and clean, split down spine of earlier binding restored. Two volumes have a couple of x-lib. issues, with stamp on two original wraps or title pages and later owner’s book plate on back side of original title wrap cover. Some other issues have the early signature of an early owner on the cover or title page. The text is very clean in all issues.

The oldest mineralogical journal from Central Europe founded by Johann Carl Freiesleben (1774-1846). Freiesleben  was a German mineralogist and geologist. He studied under A. G. Werner at the Bergakademie in Freiberg. A total of 15 volumes were published consisting of 12 regular volumes and 3 supplements. Complete runs are very rare. Numerous articles of mineralogical interest appeared in the publication, authored by many of the most famous scientists of the time.?Beginning with volume 13 the German mining engineer Carl Herrmann Müller became the journal editor. Müller had an interest in minerals from an early age, forming a personal collection. He attended the Freiberg Bergakademie and graduated with a degree in mine engineering.