Rare Geology Paleontology Book by Buttner, David Sigismund August; Rudera Diluvii Testes, 1710.

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Buttner, David Sigismund August; Rudera Diluvii Testes, i.e. Zeichen und Zeugen der Sündfluth, in Ansehung der itzigen Zustandes unserer Erd- und Wasser-Kugel, insonderheit der darinnen vielfältig auch zeither im Querfurtischen Revier unterschiedlich angetroffenen, ehemals verschwemten Thiere und Gewächse, bey dem Lichte natürlicher Weissheit betrachtet und nebst vielen Abbildungen zum Druck gegeben. Leipzig: Johann Friedrich Braun, 1710. Quarto, pp. viii, 314, 20, with engraved frontispiece, double-page engraved view of Querfurt and 31 plates numbered I-XXIV, XXIVa-XXX, including world map, many plates folding.

The work is complete and in a later full calf with raised spine bands, gilt spine titles. The binding is tight and clean, text lightly trimmed, text and plates with light toning. In very good condition.


A Hungarian naturalist and theologian; Buttner (1660 -1719), Büttner is best known for this book which is his earliest work on geology and fossils in the vicinity of Querfurt in Saxony. The plates show fossils, minerals, and two sections of the earth after Kircher, a view of Querfort and an interesting world map. The text concerns what Buttner considered to be the fossil evidence of the biblical Deluge. He was convinced of the diluvial origin of fossils, and was strongly opposed to those who attributed these "reliquiae diluvianae" to either the "lusus naturae" or the spermatic principle. Büttner. The work is quite scarce.