Rare Geology Book, William Henry Fitton; A Geological Sketch of the Vicinity of Hastings. 1833.

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Fitton, William Henry; A Geological Sketch of the Vicinity of Hastings. London, 1833. Octavo, pp. viii, 94, folded plate of colored sections, text woodcuts.

The work is complete and in the original linen with gilt cover titles. The binding is tight, light wear to binding edges, inner hinges nicely tightened. The text and plate are clean.

Fitton; (1780-1861) was an Irish physician and geologist who spent most of his life in England. He was born in Dublin and educated at Trinity College.  In 1811 he presented to the Geological Society of London a description of the geological structure of the vicinity of Dublin, with an account of some rare minerals found in Ireland and thus began a noted career in geology. Fitton was to make significant contributions to the knowledge of the Jurassic and Cretaceous stratigraphy of England.  Although he published several geological studies that helped establish the true succession and relations of the Upper and Lower Greensand, and of the Wealden and Purbeck formations, and elaborated their detailed structure, the studies were published in the Transactions of the Geological Society. His only stand alone publication was his work Geological Sketch of the Vicinity of Hastings. In it Fitton elaborates on the stratigraphy and structure of the region of Hastings.