Rare Geology Book, Owen, Richard; Key to the Geology of the Globe...1857

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Owen, Richard; Key to the Geology of the Globe: an essay designed to show that the present geographical, hydrographical, and geological structures, observed on the earth's crust, were the result of forces acting according to fixed, demonstrable laws, analogous to those governing the development of organic bodies. New York & Nashville, 1857. Quarto, pp. viii, 256, folded colored map, 6 folded plates and diagrams.

The text is complete and in the original cloth with gilt titles. Binding is tight, spine is sun faded. Inscribed by Owen on end sheet, Stamp of G. Edward Lewis on end sheet and title page. Light damp margin outer margin of first and last pages and plates. In very good condition.


Owen (1820-1890) spent most his early years in the company of his brother the geologist David Dale Owen. Together they arrived in New Harmony Indiana in 1828 and later in life, Richard succeeded his brother as State Geologist of Indiana. In 1872 Dr. Owen was elected President of Purdue University. This position he accepted, but, as after two years the school still remained unorganized, he never assumed the duties of the office. ?Owen retired from Indiana University in 1879, and returned to New Harmony where he continued to read, research, and write. Much of his studies centered on the field of physics, particularly magnetism and molecular theory. Owen also completed more studies in geology; he was especially interested in seismology. During the 1880s, his health began to suffer; he often consumed mineral water as some relief from his distress. On March 25, 1890, he was mistakenly served embalming fluid instead of mineral water at the local grocery store and Owen died the same day.