Rare fossil man book, Weidenreich, Franz; The Dentition of Sinanthropus Pekinensis

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Weidenreich, Franz; The Dentition of Sinanthropus Pekinensis: A Comparative Odontography of the Hominids. Pal. Sinica, New Series D, #1, 2 vols., Peking, 1937. Quarto, text vol., pp. 180, 27 tables. Atlas, pp. 2, 36 plates with descriptive text pages, 49 diagrams.

The work is complete and in a modern cloth with black titles and original wraps bound in. Binding is tight and clean, text is very clean. In very good condition.


The noted original study of the dentition of "Peking Man" by the noted German anatomist and physical anthropologist Franz Weidenreich (1873-1947). The study is based on the early human fossil remains found in 1929 by Davidson Black in the caves at Zhoukoudian, China. "Sinanthropus pekinensis" was the original species designation. The specimens vanished during the early days of World War 2.