Purington, Chester Wells; Telluride Folio, Colorado. Geologic Atlas Folio #57. Washington D. C., U.S. Geological Survey, 1899.

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USGS Folio 57-C
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Purington, Chester Wells; Telluride Folio, Colorado. Geologic Atlas Folio #57. Washington D. C., U.S. Geological Survey, 1899. Large folio (18 x 21 inches), pp. 18 (with explanatory text on inside of covers), 1 tinted topographic sheet, 1 columnar section sheet, 3 colored sheets being geology, economic geology, structure-section and 3 sheets of photographs.
The atlas in in the original tan title wraps with black cloth spine. The binding is tight, toning to the front cover, Kittery Maine, library stamp on upper outer edge of cover, very small uniform 1/4 inch tear at upper edge of atlas. Does not effect any text or plates. Tear has been repaired with clear archival tape. Text and all maps exceptionally clean. In very good condition.
Between 1894 and 1945 the USGS issued 227 folios covering various areas of the United States. The text pages of a folio covered the geology, historical geology, stratigraphy and if present the mineral and mining industry. 
The authors discuss the topography, geologic history, geology, stratigraphy, structural geology of the region. They then discuss the economic geology and rich ore deposits of the area. This folio has become quite rare with many copies having had the maps removed, framed and placed in the homes now occupying the famous resort town of Telluride. 
The Telluride folio was published mainly on account of the silver and gold resources which underlie the quadrangle. It contains an early style topographic map, an aerial geologic map, an economic geology man and a structure sections map. The topo sheet shows the surface physical (hills, rivers, lakes, etc.) and cultural features (buildings, ranches, farms, roads, railroads, towns, localities, ferries, etc.) as they existed almost 100 years ago. Some of the named places shown in the map include: Towns: Telluride, Ophir etc. (many smaller localities than this), plus many individual homes and farms. Water bodies: Trent Lake, Clear Lake, San Miguel River, Dolores River and many smaller waterways. Railroads: Rio Grande Southern. Other features: Silver Mt, Mendota Peak, Telluride Peak, San Bernardo Peak and multiple other geological landmarks. The geologic map is attractively colored with 22 colors, patterns, shadings, tints, and/or hues used to illustrate the local geologic formations. The economic geology map shows the names and locations of 100 mines throughout the quadrangle.
The folio will be shipped lightly rolled in shipping wrap in either a USPS or Fed Ex shipping tube.