Geologic Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region. Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, Denver, 1972.

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Mallory, William Wyman; Nolte, Cliff J., Jensen, Fred S., Griffith, Earl G.; Geologic Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region. Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, Denver, 1972. Folio, (23”w by 25” tall), pp. 332 illustrated with over 270 maps, profiles, figures, many in color. 
The atlas is complete and in the original red cloth with gilt titles. The binding is tight and very clean, free of scuffing. The text and all plates and illustrations are fine. A near fine copy in the original mailing case.
This atlas provides a comprehensive view of the Rucky Mountain region. It contains detailed sections covering pioneer geologists of the American West; physical geology; regional geography, geology, and geophysics; historical geology, Precambrian and Phanerozoic rocks, Mesozoic and Cenozoic systems, Tertiary and Quaternary systems; economic geology including fossil fuels, precious metals and aggregates.