Butler, B.S. & W.S. Burbank, et.al.; The Copper Deposits of Michigan. USGS PP 144, GPO, Washington DC, 1929

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Butler, B.S. & W.S. Burbank, et.al.; The Copper Deposits of Michigan.  USGS Prof. Paper 144, GPO, Washington DC, 1929. Quarto, pp xii, 238 with 75 b&w plates, 51 folding in separate map case; 18 b&w figure illus. 
The set is complete with the Text in later wraps with the original title cover preserved. The binding is tight and clean, text is very clean. The maps are loose as originally issued and housed in a sliding case drawer with the text housed in the same type case above the maps. The maps are very clean and free of tears or stamps. In very good condition.
Bert Sylvenus Butler (1877-1960) and Wilbur S. Burbank (1898-1975) were both American geologists best known for their studies of North American metalliferous deposits. While much of the focus on ore deposits was in the western United States, the copper deposits found in the Keweenaw region in northern Michigan were also focused on. Between 1845 and 1918 the district had produced over 7 billion pounds of ore. The study of the deposits had commenced when Butler was privately employed and was taken to completion after he returned to the USGS. The authors begin the report with a brief discussion of the geology and types of ore deposits and their genesis. This is followed by an extensive bibliography and review of earlier studies and in depth discussions of the geography, physiography, bedrock geology, stratigraphy, mineralogy, types of ore deposits and their structure and genesis. Part two of the work provides detailed studies of each of the known lodes and fissures, the mines and their workings. Many of the loose plates provide profiles and plans of the individual mines. The work remains one of the most important studies of the Michigan copper region and is seldom found with the loose plates all present and in very good condition.