Buckland, William; Geology And Mineralogy Considered With Reference To Natural Theology. 2 vols. 1st American Printing. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea And Blanchard, 1837.

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Buckland, William; Geology And Mineralogy Considered With Reference To Natural Theology. 2 vols. 1st American Printing.  Philadelphia, Carey, Lea And Blanchard, 1837. Quarto, vol.1, pp. xv, 443, 4 pages ads. Vol. 2, pp. vii, 131, 69 plates, some folded, one plate a large folded hand colored profile. 
The work is complete and in the original plum colored cloth with original spine title labels. Spines sun faded, bindings tight with bumping to corners. The text and plates are bright and clean. In very good condition.
Buckland (1784-1856) was a prominent English geologist, mineralogist and clergyman. He made major contributions to the geological sciences bringing the natural and physical sciences into high repute. In doing so he gave Oxford (where he taught) an international standing in the sciences.Two of his major works were "Reliquiae Diluvianae" and "Geology And Mineralogy Considered With Reference To Natural Theology” which was first published in London in 1836. Buckland is also responsible for the world's first description of a recognized dinosaur fossil, although the term "dinosaur" didn't exist at the time. In 1824, Buckland published "Notice on the Megalosaurus or Great Fossil Lizard of Stonesfield". In the same science meeting where he described Megalosaurus Buckland also announced - reassured by Cuvier that it was correct - the first fossil mammal from the Age of Reptiles. Conventional wisdom of the time said mammals came only after the great reptiles. Buckland will be remembered as the best British geologist of his time to build a careful local stratigraphy of a region based on known fossil evidence. He presents this evidence in his above two volume work.